About MSi Kenny

MSi Kenny is a specialized multiphase consultancy experienced in the application of advanced technology for the design and optimal operation of oil and gas production, pipeline and processing facilities.

Our consultants are recognized as world-class experts in flow assurance and combine strong analytical capabilities and innovative technology in transient multiphase flow, thermodynamics, dynamic process simulation, production chemistry, and computational fluid dynamics.

Our know-how in engineering and operations of multiphase production systems is embedded in our field-proven simulation software suite called Virtuoso®.  Through our software suite, we provide project-specific, turnkey, cost-effective solutions for real-time optimisation of both single-phase and multiphase production facilities and pipelines.

 Redefining Flow Assurance through Dedicated Service and Quality Solutions!


Scope of Services

MSi Kenny is an industry-leading provider of flow assurance and dynamic simulation consulting services. See our Services>

MSi Kenny also provides turn-key, simulation-based solutions for production operations management tools including online monitoring, forecasting, optimisation and control. See our Products>

Project Examples

MSi Kenny has performed over 1,000 successful projects for our customers worldwide. See recent projects>

MSi Kenny has also delivered more than 90 integrated software systems, including engineering simulators, operator training systems, and advanced online, real-time production management systems. See recent projects>


Clients benefit from our successful 15-year technology development track record. This investment now allows MSi Kenny to deliver flexible, field-proven, highly robust, single-vendor solutions for dynamic simulation of wells, pipelines, and processing facilities. See our Technology>


MSi Kenny has served over 175 different companies in more than 40 countries, including major integrated oil companies, national oil companies, independent producers, large engineering firms, and gas processing and transmission companies. See our Customers>