Key Projects

MSi Kenny has performed over 1,000 successful flow assurance projects for 175 companies in 40 different countries. Some examples of key projects highlighting typical project work scopes, analysis elements, key features and deliverables are compiled below:

• West Nile Delta KHI Analysis: Investigate the feasibility of using Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor
• Topaz Development: Operational optimisation considering hydraulic and thermal constraints
• Everest Phase 4: Topsides liquids management as a result of adding production
• Block 60-BG Oman: Transient multiphase flow simulations for slugcatcher sizing in an onshore Oman field
• Laggan-Tormore Development: Flow assurance support to the subsea design of dual subsea tiebacks and gas export pipelines
• North West Seymour: Subsea and topsides choking liquids management analysis for gas condensate network
• Browse Gas: Evaluation of wax mitigation and MEG requirements for NW Australian LNG development
• Ichthys Infield: Evaluation of wax mitigation and MEG requirements for NW Australian LNG development

• IndependenceTrail: Validation of the deliver ability and liquids management for a gas export line
• Bakken Shale: Compressor placement and liquids management for onshore Bakken shale field
• BK2 Field:A high-level flow assurance audit/review of previous work
• Pony Field: Flow assurance evaluation for a multiple well and production loop Miocene
• Shenzi Field: Extensive flow assurance evaluation for a miocene HP/HT field
• Cascade/Chinook Field: Oil discovery chemical testing,liquids management,and steady state and transient analysis
• Deepwater Indonesia: Defining operating ranges
• Pipeline Leak Studies: Pipeline lea/rupture analyses as a function of size, location, and operating conditions
• Rubiales Project: Pumping evaluation of a viscous, low API crude
• Safaniya Project: Fluid rheology and influence of emulsion viscosity