Key Projects

Our Process Solutions has performed over 2,000 successful flow assurance projects for 200+ companies in 50+ different countries. Some examples of key projects highlighting typical project work scopes, analysis elements, key features and deliverables are compiled below:

• West Nile Delta KHI Analysis: Investigate the feasibility of using Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor
• Topaz Development: Operational optimisation considering hydraulic and thermal constraints
• Everest Phase 4: Topsides liquids management as a result of adding production
• Block 60-BG Oman: Transient multiphase flow simulations for slugcatcher sizing in an onshore Oman field
• Laggan-Tormore Development: Flow assurance support to the subsea design of dual subsea tiebacks and gas export pipelines
• North West Seymour: Subsea and topsides choking liquids management analysis for gas condensate network
• Browse Gas: Evaluation of wax mitigation and MEG requirements for NW Australian LNG development
• Ichthys Infield: Evaluation of wax mitigation and MEG requirements for NW Australian LNG development

• IndependenceTrail: Validation of the deliver ability and liquids management for a gas export line
• Bakken Shale: Compressor placement and liquids management for onshore Bakken shale field
• BK2 Field:A high-level flow assurance audit/review of previous work
• Pony Field: Flow assurance evaluation for a multiple well and production loop Miocene
• Shenzi Field: Extensive flow assurance evaluation for a miocene HP/HT field
• Cascade/Chinook Field: Oil discovery chemical testing,liquids management,and steady state and transient analysis
• Deepwater Indonesia: Defining operating ranges
• Pipeline Leak Studies: Pipeline lea/rupture analyses as a function of size, location, and operating conditions
• Rubiales Project: Pumping evaluation of a viscous, low API crude
• Safaniya Project: Fluid rheology and influence of emulsion viscosity