Bakken Shale Gas and Liquids

Bakken Shale Gas and Liquids – Hess (Oil/Gas, North America)

The Bakken project involved two separate studies on a single pipeline system; a low pressure gas gathering system as well as an oil gathering system. The field was located in the Bakken oil shale region in North Dakota. A variety of studies were performed such as compressor or pump placement, compressor or pump discharge pressures, flowrate uplift, and pigging requirements.

Gas Gathering System

Wood Group Kenny's Process Solutions group was contracted to study the wellhead and pipeline pressures, multiple flowrate scenarios, as well as possible pigging requirements using transient, multiphase flow simulation. Based on the pressures within the system, our consultants were able to determine whether compressors were required as well as their placement in order to satisfy wellhead and pipeline requirements. In addition, the discharge pressures for the compressors were also calculated. Different flow rate uplift rates were tested in order to further satisfy pressure constraints. Finally, pigging requirements were determined for the pipeline system.

Oil Gathering System

The oil gathering system posed similar pressure challenges to the gas gathering system, i.e. wellhead and pipeline pressures constraints. A transient, multiphase flow simulation was performed to study the pressures within the system and from there our team was able to suggest pump placements as well as the required pressure boost from each pump.

Key Features

  • Compressor placement and sizing for gas system
  • Liquids management and slug catcher sizing
  • Pump placement and sizing for oil system
  • Pigging requirements
  • Flowrate studies