Browse Gas

Browse Gas/Condensate Development – Woodside (NW Shelf, Australia)

Browse is a greenfield LNG development encompassing the Brecknock, Calliance and Torosa gas-condensate fields, which are located about 400km northwest of Broome, Western Australia. The Brecknock and Calliance fields are located in deep water (400 to 700m) and are approximately 70km southwest of the Torosa field. Torosa is located in the vicinity of a coral atoll (Scott Reef), and the water depths vary from 0 to 70m in the atoll lagoon (Torosa Lagoon) to 500m around the atoll (Torosa Deep). The combined gas production capacity of these fields is approximately 2 - 3 BSCFD based on the development option.

Wood Group Kenny's Process Solutions group started work on the project and have carried out Flow Assurance work in support of theme selection and concept selection:

• Browse Offshore LNG Theme

• Browse to Burrup Theme

• Browse to Kimberley Theme

We also executed the pre-FEED flow assurance work for the project. The major flow assurance challenges for the Browse development are:

  1. Wax - The lines are susceptible to wax formation and due to high rate of buildup, high level of insulation is required to retard the rate of wax buildup.
  2. Corrosion – Uninhibited corrosion rates are high and hence require CRA lines for those flowline which are at high temperatures. Hence the corrosion solution requires cooler lines, which are in contrast to the wax solution.
  3. Hydrates - The amount of water produced in Browse fields leads to one of the world's largest MEG processing plant and presents a major challenge.
  4. Liquid Management - Due to the size of the lines and the wet gas line distances, liquid holdup is quite high. Given the weight restrictions on the offshore processing platform and the limits on the size of the slugcatcher, this leads to major operational issues when it comes to liquid handling.
  5. High temperature from the Browse reservoirs leads to design issues for the risers and the flowlines and minimizing these issues is a major challenge.