Everest Phase 4

Everest Phase 4 Pre-FEED and FEED – BG/JP Kenny (Gas/Condensate, North Sea).

Everest Phase 4 was a tie in of three to four new subsea wells to the North Everest platform. The well to the south is a step-out from an existing two well development. It ties back to the platform through an existing flowline and riser system. The three wells to the north east and east require new flowlines and combined riser. All wells commingle at the top of the riser and flow to the separator with existing platform wells.

Our Process Solutions group of consultants was solely responsible for all the flow assurance work starting from the pre-FEED stage which was to look at line sizing, insulation, rigid vs. flexible, hydrate formation potential, and back-out and slugging. The primary challenge was liquid handling issues on the platform. Life of field slugging prediction was required, which required a combined model of all new subsea and platform wells flowing to the first stage separator. Surge volumes, accumulation and liquid handling constraints of downstream facilities were the major concerns and potential to halt a project. FEED will expand on these issues with a focus again on liquid handling, including an impact on flare system, and hydrate formation potential, mitigation and current operating experience