K2 Field

K2 Field– ENI & Agip (Oil, Gulf of Mexico)

The K2 Field is a dual line tieback that connects wells to the Marco Polo TLP 6 miles away. The wells are in 4,150 ft deep.

Wood Group Kenny's Process Solutions group performed a high-level flow assurance audit of engineering contractor’s flow assurance study. Our team of experienced consultants evaluated thermal-hydraulic models for calculation accuracy, correct methodology, and general industry “best practices”. We provided guidance to ENI as to how the results from the flow assurance study may be best suited to the K2 development in terms of operating procedures. Our consultants determined the required line size and insulation type under steady state conditions necessary to mitigate hydrate formation and deal with wax deposition. Recommendations on acceptable operating envelopes were also provided to the client. We performed a verification of “as-built” insulation for the pipe-in-pipe system. Our team used field production data to confirm the U-value of the installed insulation for a black oil subsea tieback. We performed a detailed assessment of crude oil displacement operation for the K2 system, in the event of an unplanned shutdown.

Furthermore, our Process Solutions group looked at the displacement pump capacity threshold (minimum/maximum) to verify whether or not a displacement operation could be achieved. We evaluated the liquid management in the system during shutdown, depressurization, and displacement.

Key Features

  • Flow assurance auditing
  • Operating procedures
  • Line size determination
  • Insulation type selection
  • Hydrate formation mitigation
  • Wax deposition mitigation
  • As-built verification of pipe-in-pipe insulation
  • Crude oil displacement
  • Displacement pump capacity
  • Liquids management during transient operations