Laggan-Tormore Development

Laggan-Tormore Development - Total (Gas/Condensate, North Sea)

Laggan and Tormore gas fields are located in approximately 600m water depth, north west of the Shetland Islands on the UK Continental Shelf. The Process Solutions group has been engaged to provide flow assurance support to the subsea design of dual subsea tiebacks and gas export pipelines.

Flow assurance and design challenges include:

  • Significant buckling in the infield flowlines is expected, particularly early in field life
  • Wax deposition modelling and confirmation of wax management philosophy
  • Definition of a round-trip pigging procedure for the duel infield flowlines for wax management and pipeline inspection
  • Use of OLGA* slugtracking module to confirm size and frequency of hydrodynamic slugs arriving at the gas terminaly
  • Definition of hydrate management philosophy
  • Confirmation of life-of-field operating envelope, and identification of conditions where a low pressure arrival and/or use of a single pipeline is required to meet deliverability targets

Scope included steady-state and transient analysis of all pipelines in all operating modes, across the life of the fields.

*OLGA is marketed/licensed by SPT Group.