North West Seymour

North West Seymour Tieback – BG Group (Black Oil, North Sea)

North West Seymour (NWS) from the Armada field in UK Central North Sea as a subsea tie-back to the Armada platform.

Wood Group Kenny's Process Solutions group has conducted a flow assurance study to analyse the impact of changing the operation from topsides to subsea choking and rerouting the fluids to a larger separator to which other fields were flowing.

The NWS system was modelled in detail from bottomhole via the 6” flexible flowline and riser, to the Maria Separator. The OLGA* model incorporates the 3-phase separator with the valves and controllers on each of the gas, water and oil outlet lines. The inlet flows from Pi and Maria routed to the separator are also modelled.

The objective of the study was to review any flow assurance issues relating to the NWS production through the Maria Separator (with Pi and Maria commingled fluids) and assess the impact of the NWSS production to the Armada topside facilities through life of field operations.

*OLGA is marketed/licensed by SPT Group.