Pony Field

Pony Field – Hess (Oil & Gas, Gulf of Mexico)

Pony is a large subsalt oil & gas field in the Gulf of Mexico that includes multiple wells drilled down to 30,000 ft TVD. The water depths at these well locations are in the range of 3,200 and 3,800 ft. The wells will be produced through a subsea tieback, and a water injection system will also be implemented to enhance production rates and mitigate slugging.

Wood Group Kenny's Process Solutions group performed an extensive flow assurance study, consisting of thermal and hydraulic modelling of multiple wells/multiple production loops. Our team of consultants worked with other disciplines to confirm the system architecture and worked with the operations team to develop an operational philosophy for the field to meet all flow assurance objectives. The scope of study included steady state, cooldown, restart, displacement, depressurization, and flowline preheating. The Pony water injection system and export lines were also included in the study.

Key Features

  • Multiple wells and multiple production loops
  • Operational philosophy for steady state, slugging, cooldown, restart, displacement, and flowline preheating operations
  • Water injection system
  • Export line system