Rubiales Project

Rubiales Project – Meta Petroleum (Oil, Colombia)

The Rubiales production line transports relatively low API crude oil approximately 9km through multiple pumping stations. Meta Petroleum plans to develop up to nine new wells in the Rubiales area during the next drilling campaign. The fluid is quite viscous and exhibits non-Newtonian behavior at low shear rates and low temperatures.

Wood Group Kenny's Process Solutions group performed a hydraulic analysis to evaluate pumping requirements for expansion of the Rubiales field. Analysis was tied-in with the expected pump design in order to verify pump performance, as well as evaluate potential high-pressure surge events during sudden valve closures along the pipeline. Our consultants performed a hydraulic analysis of long-distance (240+km) pipeline, focusing on thermal/viscosity impacts on the pressure drop for various pipeline options. Viscosity changes were rigorously modelled, based on predicted temperature profile along the pipeline route, taking into account ambient temperature changes in mountainous regions.

Project Key Features

  • Pumping requirements
  • Verification of pump performance
  • High-pressure surge events
  • Thermal/viscosity impacts on hydraulics