West Nile Delta KHI Analysis

West Nile Delta KHI Analysis– RWE (Gas/Condensate, Egypt)

Our Process Solutions group was asked to investigate the feasibility of using Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor (KHI) as the primary means of hydrate inhibition on the Giza-Fayoum field, part of the West Nile Delta (WND) gas/condensate project.

KHI was evaluated in lieu of a shore based MEG reclamation and regeneration system, to check the feasibility of a floating offshore separation and compression gathering hub-type development, which had the potential for significant up-front cost savings and operational advantages. The use of KHI had been previously reviewed within the project and ruled out, a finding challenged by our study.

Key Features

  • A literature study to confirm the likely performance of the current generation of KHI, which is limited by the subcooling below the hydrate formation temperature and the required residence time of the KHI between the wells and offshore hub
  • A review of worldwide operating experience with KHI
  • COLGA's* simulation to review of the feasibility of KHI under all operating modes
  • Use of OLGA compositional tracking to review the migration of key hydrocarbon gas components (and hence hydrate formation conditions) during transient operations such as shutdown and depressurization
  • Review of methanol requirements during cold restart

*OLGA is marketed/licensed by SPT Group.