Flow Assurance Consulting


Wood Group Kenny's Process Solutions group is a leading provider of flow assurance consulting services. Flow assurance is a diverse, complex and specialized field covering the entire upstream process, from the formation (reservoir) to the production processing facilities.

We provide flow assurance consulting services for all stages of greenfield and brownfield developments. We have a team of dedicated flow assurance specialists with extensive experience in: feasibility studies, conceptual design, pre-FEED, hook-up and commissioning, operating guideline development, de-bottlenecking, and asset expansion and abandonment.

Our specialists cover every aspect of the flow assurance field, including:

  • Production fluid chemistry studies
    • Oversight/management of flow assurance laboratory work
    • Sensitivity analysis
  • Hydrate prediction, prevention, mitigation and management
  • Complex chemical injection distribution networks (e.g., MEG Distribution Systems)
  • Hydrate suppression technologies
    • Direct Electrical Heating (DEH)
    • Electrical Heated Pipe-in-Pipe (EHPIP)
    • Mono-Ethylene Glycol (MEG) and Derivatives
    • Methanol
    • Low Dosage Hydrate Inhibitors (LDHI)
    • Combinations of methods
    • Safe operating procedures for production assurance
  • Wax precipitation and deposition management, prediction and mitigation
  • Asphaltenes and other complex fluids, inlcuding Scaling & Production Chemistry issues
  • Multiphase flow services
    • Slugging/liquid surge prediction, management and mitigation
    • Hydraulic network analysis
    • Pigging
  • Flow assurance project management
  • Technical advisor
  • Independent design auditor, validation/certification
  • Single-phase pressure surge analysis (e.g., Water Hammer)

We are also a primary provider of flow assurance training services to the oil & gas industry. We provide training services to many companies at locations worldwide (on and offshore). The following are some of the typical courses we present: basic flow assurance, advanced flow assurance, hydrates, wax, slugging and integrated production management. However, we also tailor our programs to our client’s requirements.