Integrated Production Modelling

Flow assurance is a discipline which includes all issues important to maintaining the flow of oil & gas from the reservoir through the flowlines and risers to the downstream processing facilities. Because several disciplines of the oil & gas engineering deal with flow assurance, there is now a new horizon to flow assurance engineering called Integrated Production Modelling (IPM). IPM reconciles the differences in assumptions between individual engineering disciplines, as well as becoming a single, unifying discipline to promote effective communication between sub-surface, subsea, and topsides/process engineers.

IPM captures the movement of oil & gas in a single integrated model with a detailed reservoir model through the wells, flowlines, risers, facilities, and export pipelines. As part of a typical IPM project, our Process Solutions group will work closely with a client’s reservoir team to develop working models to forecast production and bench mark against other independent reservoir models. Simultaneously, we will work with a client’s facilities team to understand the facility limitations and incorporate those limitations into the integrated model. The resulting fully integrated model is invaluable when determining economic trade-offs between recoverable reserves and system design components such as tubing/pipeline/riser line sizing, artificial lift options, drilling schedule, and more.


We provide full expertise in the modelling of oil & gas movements from the reservoir through the flowlines and risers to the downstream processing facilities using state-of-the-art IPM modelling software such as MAXIMUS* and other in-house developed customized software applications. The most recent IPM project our Process Solutions group performed was for the BP Block 31 NE (PSVM) black oil development and a screen-shot of the resulting IPM model is presented on this page.


With a number of IPM options available, our experience team of consultants has the familiarity/modelling approach available to match the experience that is most suitable to the client.

*MAXIMUS is marketed/licensed by FEESA.