Topsides Dynamic Modeling


Wood Group Kenny's Process Solutions group is a specialist in developing dynamic topsides plant models to evaluate operability and verify the performance of the control systems through engineering analysis.

Steady state process models provide sizing information and performance under normal operating conditions while dynamic simulations are required to examine control loop interactions and stability and verify performance of control systems during up-set conditions. Typical applications include:

  • Verification of anti-surge control system for compressors during upset conditions and the suitability of hot gas by-pass
  • Adequacy of anti-surge valves due to design / capacity changes
  • Topsides response to pipeline transients such as start-up, shutdown, ramp-ups, slugging, etc.
  • Performance of HIPPS system and adequacy of HIPPS closure time for transients
  • Control system response for gas and liquid processing equipment and tuning of controllers for optimum performance
  • Performance of topsides equipment during topsides upset conditions and tweaking of controller response
  • Blowdown analysis

To study the response of the topsides process to pipeline up-set, integration of pipeline models with topsides model may be required. This can be achieved through OLGA*-HYSYS® linkage or through our field-proven Virtuoso™ suite of off-line/on-line modelling packages.

*OLGA is marketed/licensed by SPT Group. HYSYS® is a registered trademark of AspenTech.