Software Capabilities


MSi Kenny is well-versed with the latest in thermal-hydraulic modeling software capabilities, as well as equation-of-state (EoS) and PVT modeling, including:

  • Equation-of-State/PVT
    • PVTSim (Calsep)
    • GUTS (MSi Kenny)
    • Multiflash (InfoChem)
  • Production Chemistry
    • University of Tulsa Wax Deposition
    • University of Michigan Wax Deposition
    • Colorado School of Mines Hydrates
    • ScaleChem (OLI)
  • Multiphase Flow
    • Pipesim (Schlumberger)
    • OLGA (SPT)
    • Virtuoso (MSi Kenny On-Line Product Suite)
  • Single-Phase/Surge Modeling
    • Natasha (Fluid Flow Consultants)
    • Stoner (Advantica)
    • PipeNet (Sunrise)
    • Flowmaster (Flowmaster)
  • Process Modelling
    • Hysys/Hysys Dynamics (AspenTech)
    • Virtuoso™/ES (MSi Kenny Engineering Simulator)
  • Integrated Production Modelling
    • Maximus (FEESA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Fluent and CFX (Ansys)
    • Star-CD (CD-Adapco)

*Virtuoso™ is trademarked/licensed by MSi Kenny.