Special Projects

Our Process Solutions group is uniquely positioned to model, simulate and make recommendations on some of the most complex projects in the world, many of which are beyond the current scope of today’s commercially available design software. By leveraging the in-house multiphase flow and dynamic modelling capabilities of the software development group, we can model unique and challenging projects.

Network Over-Pressurization – Confidential (North Sea)

A series of transient multiphase flow simulations was completed using our Virtuoso™ model to examine an onshore separator trip based upon current operating conditions. The full wet-gas network Virtuoso™ model was used to simulate an onshore shutdown and determine the time to reach the trip pressures at the other platforms in the pipeline network.

Dynamic Simulation of the Belanak FPSO – Conoco Phillips (Indonesia)

The Belanak FPSO has a self-contained LPG plant on-board. The scope of this development included development of a HYSYS® model for all the gas and liquid handling and processing equipment on the plant. This model was used for validation of the integrated Virtuoso™ simulator developed for operator training and fast-time process optimisation.

Dynamic Simulation of Integrated Eductor Performance - Confidential (North Sea)

We developed an offline engineering simulator to study the dynamic impact of adding eductors of different capacities to a gas gathering platform. The offline simulator was utilized in studying the impact of running one, two or three eductors in parallel on the compressor anti-surge CCC control system. The engineering simulator was then upgraded to an online simulator that predicted the impact of various scenarios and suggested the optimum solution for any given scenario. This What-If simulator took into account issues such as ramp-up surge volume, compressor anti-surge control, compressor power limits, RPM limits, etc. into account while recommending the optimum solution.


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