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  • “Thank you again for having not only a team of all stars, but also an “All Star Team.”  We couldn’t have taken on such a tough technical challenge without your folks.”  - IOC (GOM, USA)
  • “This mail from me is a personal note to congratulate your work with us on the success of the Restriction Detection Module (RDM) in our Pipeline Management System (PMS).  Based on the PMS data and as per your brief discussion with others, you might have noticed that we had some anxious moments here with one of our pipelines in the last week and it was detected correctly by RDM. The response of PL to MEG dosing from Offshore also matched well with some additional simulations and our PMS observations. So I am more than happy to say that it is a good system in place and I am happy about it.” – NOC (Middle East)
  • “There is definitely a role for MSi Kenny in our future business endeavors.”- IOC (GOM, USA)