The 8th North American Conference on Multiphase Technology, a Successful Conference for MSi Kenny

Houston, Texas - 28 June 2012


The 8th North American Conference on Multiphase Technology took place from the 20th- 22nd of June 2012 in Banff, Canada. MSi Kenny was honored to be a sponsor of this Conference, and additionally, Dr. Eric W. Smith, one of MSi Kenny’s Senior Consultants, was selected to present two papers during the conference:

  • “Transient Matched Asymptotic Analysis of Heat Transfer in Buried and Partially Buried Pipe,” by Dr. Eric Smith, PhD, and James Holbeach, PhD.
  • “Pseudo-component Based Fast Composition Tracking Model”, co-authored by Eric Smith, PhD, Pradeep Dhoorjaty, PhD, and Dale Erickson, PhD.

Following the presentations, Dr. Smith was approached by several members of the petroleum industry interested in the methods presented. Several client companies are exploring the possibilities opened by incorporating this new technology method with the Engineering Simulator in the Virtuoso suite of software developed by MSi Kenny. The improved heat transfer modeling is likely to enable more precise engineering and higher confidence in flow assurance analysis. As a result, pipeline and maintenance costs will come down, and perhaps previously unrealistic projects will become economically feasible.