16th International Conference on Multiphase Production Technology

Houston, Texas - 11 June 2013

Multiphase Technology 2013

The 16th International Conference Multiphase Production Technology will take place from the 12th- 14th of June 2013 in Cannes, France. MSi Kenny is a proud sponsor of this Conference, and additionally, Jeff Zhang, Ian Kopperman, and Jorge Trujillo, MSi Kenny’s Senior Consultants, where selected to present two papers during the conference:

  • “Modelling of Topsides Repressurisation for Wet Gas Condensate Systems for Development of Dry Tree Well Start-up Strategies,” by Jeff Zhang, and Ian Kopperman.
  • “Heavy Oil Transportation as a Slurry”, co-authored by PDVSA Intevep, Universidad de Oriente, Venzuela and Jorge Trujillo, MSi Kenny.