Recent Presentations

16th International Conference on Multiphase Production Technology

Houston, Texas - 11 June 2013

Multiphase Technology 2013

“Modelling of Topsides Repressurisation for Wet Gas Condensate Systems for Development of Dry Tree Well Start-up Strategies,” by Jeff Zhang, and Ian Kopperman.

“Heavy Oil Transportation as a Slurry”, co-authored by PDVSA Intevep, Universidad de Oriente, Venzuela and Jorge Trujillo, MSi Kenny.

WA Oil & Gas Facilities Group a Co-venture Between Engineers Australia and the Society of Petroleum Engineers

Perth, Australia,, April 2 2013

SPE “Using CFD and OLGA to Improve the Design of Subsea Coolers” presented by Dr. Martin Leahy.
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Subsea UK 2013

Aberdeen, Scotland, February 6-7 2013

subseauk2013 “Integrated Modelling of Complex Gas-Condensate Networks” presented by Elliott Dudley.

SUBSEA India Conference

New Delhi, India, December 4-5 2012.

Subsea “Virtual Metering and Real Field Applications” presented by Dr. Prabu Parthasarathy.

Deep offshore Technology International 2012

Perth, Australia November 19-20, 2012

Deepoffshoreinternational"Impact of Increased Wax Carry-over During Pigging Operations on Downstream Pipeline Systems," presented by Dr. Jeff Zhang and Ian Kopperman.


Nasa Dua, Indonesia - October 22-26 ,2012

Xchange Forum MSi Kenny's Technology Xchange Forum

SPE Applied Technology Workshop

“Flow Assurance – The Healthy and Happy Field"

Bangkok, Thailand - 14-17 October 2012


“FA/CFD Integrated Simulations for Production Optimisation” presented by Christian Chauvet.

“Managing FA Interface Data Quality on Mega Projects” presented by James Holbeach and Ian Kopperman.

“Twenty Years of Practical Observations Using Online Real-Time Dynamic Simulation in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry” presented by Michael Mai and Dale Erickson.

The 8th North American Conference on Multiphase Technology

Banff, Canada - June 20-22, 2012

BHR-Banff-2012“Transient Matched Asymptotic Analysis of Heat Transfer in Buried and Partially Buried Pipe,” authord by Dr. Smith; and James Holbeach, PhD and presented by Dr. Smith.

“Pseudo-component Based Fast Composition Tracking Model”, co-authored by Eric W. Smith, PhD, Pradeep Dhoorjaty, PhD, and Dale D. Erickson, PhD and presented by Dr. Smith.

SPE Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference 2012

Mexico City, Mexico - April 16-18, 2012

LACPEC12"Minimum Flowrate to Unload Gas Wells: A New Dynamic Multiphase Simulator to Validate Existing Models," presented by Mutaz Daas.


AOG Conference 2012

Perth, Australia - February 20-22, 2012

AOG"Impact of Embedment on the Thermal Response of Pipelines - A flow Assurance Vie," presented by Dr. James Holbeach


Flow Assurance Lecture

Houston, Texas - February 3, 2012

U-of-HJason Harry and Jimmy Mulligan gave a lecture on Flow Assurance to a group of university students at the University of Houston on  the 3rd of February.



Rivera Maya, Mexico - October 16-20,2011

Xchange11 MSi Kenny's Technology Xchange Forum

Offshore India Conference 2011

Mumbai, India - September 2011

Offshore"Deepwater Flow Assurance Design Challenges in Large Gas Condensate Developments," presented by Prabu Parthasarathy.


RAO/CIS Offshore International Forum 2011

St. Petersburg, Russia - September 2011

ROA-Off-Shore"Modeling Pipe Flow of High-Viscosity Production Fluids during Transient Operations," presented by Denis Akhiyarov.





Rio, Brazil - June 14-17, 2011

OFFSHORE-Brasil"Downhole Chemical Injection Through Gas Lift Lines: Options and Consequences," presented by Mutaz Daas.




All-Energy 2011 Conference

 Aberdeen, Scotland - May 18, 2011

All-Energy-2011"Challenges associated with flow assurance modelling of CO2-rich pipelines," presented by Matt Healey.



SPE Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference

 Lime, Peru - December 2010

Lacpec-10"Computational Fluid Dynamics for Enhanced Environment Protection and Water Management," presented by Mutaz Daas.




XCHANGE Forum 2010

1Las Vegas, Nevada - 4-8 October 2010

Xchange10 MSi Kenny's Technology Xchange Forum



2010 Multiphase Measurement Roundtable

San Antonio, TX, USA - 21 May 2010


"Data Mining Using Virtual Metering," presented by D.E.Erickson.

Offshore Technology Conference

Reliant, Houston, TX, USA - 4-7 May 2009


"Successful LDHI Qualification for Produced Fluids in a Flexible Riser" presented by EA Sandford from Champion Technologies,T.S Golczynski from Multiphase Solutions, and B.Hampton, R.R. Alapati and J. Lee from Champion Technologies

Knowledge Flow Workshop:

Integrated Production Modeling (IPM) - The Future of Flow Assurance

Aberdeen, Scotland – 23 April 2009

Stavanger, Norway – 28 May 2009

London, England – 25 June 2009

Subsea and Riser Engineering Course

Houston,TX, USA - 11 Nov 2009

Presented by T.S Golczynski

SPE London

London Young Professionals Technical Showcase

The Geological Society, Piccadilly, London, England - 26 May 2009


"Introduction to Flow Assurance" presented by T. Solanke

XCHANGE Forum 2009

MSi Kenny Technology Xchange Forum


J.W., Marriott, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 6-8 October 2009

Subsea Rio Presentation:

Buried Pipelines for Thermal Performance (DeepStar CTR 9302 Case Study)

Rio de Janiero, Brasil - 15-17 September 2009

Presented by T.S Golczynski

Flow Assurance Course

Introduction / Advanced Level with Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 16-20 March 2009

Presented by R. Jehanathan

Flow Assurance Course with RasGas

Houston, Texas, USA - 12-14 October 2009

Presented by M. Daas

Session Co-Chair

Subsea Processing

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - 1-5 June 2009

Ocean, Offshore, and Arctic Engineering (OOAE) Conference presented by M. Stratton

Operating Strategies/Practices

Perth, Australia - 23 July 2009

"SUT - Operating Subsea Oil & Gas Production Systems" presented by R. Jehanathan

Deepwater Flow Assurance

Perth, Western Australia - Feb 2009

SUT First Annual Subsea Technical Conference

Society for Underwater Technology

Perth, Australia - 25-29 May 2009


"Conducting Flow Assurance Segment" presented by P. Parthasarathy

Virtual Metering Technology Field Experience Examples (OTC 19525)

Offshore Technical Conference

Houston, Texas, USA - May 2008

Virtual Metering Systems

Time Pipeline Management Feasible in Offshore Installations

Offshore Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - March 2008

Emerging Technologies

Fluid Properties for Lower Tertiary Plays and Flow Assurance Impacts on Production System Design

Deep Gulf, New Orleans, LA, USA - Dec 2007