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Virtuoso® is MSi Kenny’s software suite of products, which is used for off-line engineering and operator trainer applications and online real-time simulation of production operations. Since the startup of MSi Kenny in 1996, over 90 systems have been deployed for more than 25 companies in 20 countries.

 The company's software solutions provide a variety of operational and commercial functionalities based on the unique challenges and value propositions associated with each installation, addressing even the most complex multiphase and single-phase production, transportation and processing issues.

Engineering Simulator

MSi Kenny’s Virtuoso/ES software is an engineering simulator that offers dynamic simulation of integrated subsea, topsides and onshore facilities and controls, and a customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI). Read More >>

Operator Training

MSi Kenny’s Virtuoso software family offers a training simulator that provides realistic transient behavior of the entire asset during operator training exercises. Virtuoso/Train can interface with DCS emulation or operate in a stand-alone mode. Read More >>


MSi Kenny’s Virtuoso/Monitor software offers an online simulator for monitoring pipelines and process facilities. Key functionalities include hydrate warnings, chemical/composition tracking, leak detection, liquids management, and compressor performance monitoring. Read More >>


MSi Kenny’s Virtuoso/Advise software offers flexible forecast modules that can be tailored to provide timely advice to operators on how to stay within a safe, optimised operating envelope. Read More >>

Asset Optimisation

MSi Kenny’s Virtuoso/Optimize software module optimises oil and gas production. Virtuoso/Optimize includes the ability to recommend well mix to maximize production, manage slug catcher operations, and recommend compressor control settings to maximize performance and minimize fuel-gas usage. Read More >>

Advanced Control

MSi Kenny’s Virtuoso/Control software can automatically implement plans from a Virtuoso/Optimize module using robust control algorithms and feedback logic for mission critical applications. Virtuoso/Control can be used to guarantee gas delivery targets, manage production blend requirements, and control liquid slugs. Read More >>

Virtual Metering

Virtuoso also includes MSi Kenny’s real-time model-based Virtual Metering System. The Virtuoso/VMS package uses pressure and temperature instrumentation data to provide accurate and continuous estimates of multiphase well flowrates for integrated production systems. Read More >>

*Virtuoso® is licensed by MSi Kenny.