Virtuoso®/Control offers model-based closed-loop control of wells and processing facilities to safely ensure delivery of production targets and attain optimised plant operation. 

Virtuoso/Control has the ability to transmit model-determined optimum setpoints back to the control system. Using a variety of hardware- and software-based redundancy, Virtuoso/Controlsolutions ensure extremely high uptime (in excess of 99.999%) for mission-critical applications.

Closed-Loop Well Control

Individual Well Control

Virtuoso/Control provides real-time, on-line closed-loop control of subsea operations. Virtuoso/Control’s field-proven algorithms for well management prevents liquid load-up and sand production in wells. It also provides for well prioritization, tubing head pressure control, well cycling, erosion control, and reservoir management. Controlloops can be activated at the well, field, and asset wide-levels, with options for monitor, local-control, and full-control.

Blend Management

Blending to Spec

Virtuoso/Control utilises its fast and powerful simulation engine to perform automatic forecasts to do feed-forward control. Blending management is one application of this technique. Combining real-time monitoring with automatic statistical reconciliation, the forecast models are continuously tuned and validated against real-time measurements yielding a high-degree of confidence in the feed-forward predictions. However, Virtuoso/Control algorithms always utilise feedback for ensured stability and adjust their outputs to handle unmeasured disturbances in the process.

Slug Control

Slug and Erosion Control

Virtuoso/Control has field-proven algorithms for slugging control. Feed-forward algorithms are used to control ramp-up rates to reduce the likelihood of ramp-up slugs from occurring and feedback technique is used to control rate of slug arrival by utilising separator control valves.

Controlled Shutdowns and Restarts

Automated Shutdowns and Startups

Virtuoso/Control greatly increases reliability of shutdown and restart operations of fields by making sure all the factors that could affect a smooth restart are taken into account. Virtuoso/Control routinely manages restart operations of production hubs with over ten tiebacks and one hundred wells with a single click of a button. As with all Control actions, the operator can safely monitor everything from a comprehensive status screen.