Virtuoso®/Advise provides timely operational advice to users based on real-time conditions throughout the production system. Advise also monitors pipeline status for adverse conditions including low or high linepack for gas systems, high holdup and pigging advisories for gas-condensate systems, and wax and hydrate potentials for black-oil systems.


What-If Forecasting

What-If Forecasts start from the detailed current state of the system and allow users to change input variables and observe resulting changes in the system. Users can specify the type and time of change along with the time interval to forecast over. What-If also allows for forecasting the impacts of maintenance activities and assessment of different operational options.

Look-Ahead Forecasting

Look-Ahead Forecasting is configured to run pre-defined scenarios automatically for specified time intervals or times throughout the day. Look-Ahead Forecasting can be used for example to continuously estimate end-of-day deliveries against multiple operational scenarios or warn of separator flooding potential associated with ongoing flowrate rampups or pigging operations. Look-Ahead forecasting is completely configurable thereby allowing Virtuoso to highlight unique operating metrics for each installed site.

Advise Look Ahead

Real-Time Pipeline Performance Information

Real-time status information is provided throughout the system to ensure operators and engineers can closely monitor pipeline performance. Data include overall status information like time to pack/unpack, line-pack volumes, pig locations as well as complete pipeline profile data like flow rate, temperature, pressure, density and velocity.

 Advise Real time Data

Specialized Forecasts

Specialized Forecasts are often created to give an operations team the exact piece of information they are looking for without having to manually run what-if forecasts. For example, the graphic on the left shows a cool-down forecast where the system automatically runs a what-if scenario of a full production shutdown and presents the user with the available cool-down times and information about hydrate formation potential.

 Advise Specialized