Wood Group Kenny's Process Solutions group (formely MSi Kenny) has been a pioneer in exploiting the value of simulation technology to deploy Real-Time Optimization (RTO) packages in upstream production environments. Our team's unique approach to RTO makes the adoption of the technology a breeze; instead of the traditional approach of finding a steady-state optimum, Virtuoso®/Optimize solutions utilize the power of dynamic simulation technology to create an optimum path to the final operating point. This gives the operators a step-by-step plan to get to the optimum operating point as well as a guarantee that the path taken minimizes any risk of adverse events. This combination of feed-forward optimization with corrective feedback mechanism makes Virtuoso/Optimize the best-in-class optimization system for your production operations.

Applications of Virtuoso/Optimize include well management functions such as protection from liquid load-up, sand-out, and erosion; pipeline optimization including managing startup, rampup and pigging operations; and process optimization including compressor performance control, slug catcher liquid offtake optimization, and overall process optimization.

Sample Applications

Production Planning

Virtuoso /Optimize can be implemented with an automated generation of one-week recommended production plans for all production nodes based on gas and oil production, delivery and quality requirements, and line pack management.

Well Mix

Virtuoso /Optimize automatically sets choke valve positions to optimise mixing of gas from wells. Well mixing allows for operators to reach optimum gas production and to limit the amount of gas coming from each well - all while avoiding liquid loadup, erosion, or liquids slugging.

Compressor Optimization

Virtuoso/Optimize performs real-time calculations that compare the amount of gas being processed to the cost of production, allowing the operator to make informed decisions on compressor set points and helping to minimize fuel usage. Optimize also offers surge and thrust load control.
Optimize Optimal Suction