Virtuoso®/Monitor is a robust, online, real-time, dynamic simulator for monitoring oil and gas production. Monitor's functionalities include liquids inventory management, line pack monitoring, composition and chemical tracking, hydrate warnings, leak detection, pig tracking, instrument/equipment surveillance and much more. Monitor's functionality makes it an essential tool for monitoring production systems.


Liquids Inventory Management

Virtuoso/Monitor 's transient multiphase pipeline model provides continuous feedback on the amount and location of water and oil/condensate in the system. Modules for determining safe flowate rampup rates and pigging slug sizes are also available.

Liquids Management

Linepack Monitoring

Virtuoso/Monitor dynamically calculates pressures, temperatures, compositions, and densities throughout a production system and can be used to manage line pack. This capability allows operations to balance the cost of compression with the insurance linepack provides against unplanned shutdowns. A settle-out pressure module can be added to provide settle-out pressure information in real-time where pipeline networks may have different pipeline ratings.

Linepack and Production Planning

Composition Tracking

Virtuoso/Monitorhas the ability to track all components through a system including inhibitors like MEG, TEG, and other chemicals. Composition profiles throughout the system can be visualized in real-time from the operator interface as presented either by location or time-to-arrival.


Composition Tracking

Hydrate Warnings

Virtuoso/Monitor calculates pressures, temperatures, and compositions throughout the production system and compares them with hydrate formation conditions. Operators are warned when the pipeline conditions drop into the hydrate region. A second hydrate module examines dynamic pipeline pressure drop performance to determine when hydrates may be forming a flow restriction. Again the operator is immediately alerted with a Monitor alarm.

Hydrate Forcast and Warnings

Leak Detection

Virtuoso/Monitor has the ability to detect the size and location of pipeline leaks in real-time. Based on a combination of model-based mass balance, transient pressure analysis, and hybrid pattern matching, Monitor provides reliable leak detection without the troublesome false alarm rates found in many other systems.

Leak Size & Location

Pig Tracking

Virtuoso/Monitor calculates pig velocity, location, and estimated time of arrival along with slug size information in multiphase systems.

Monitor Pig Tracking

Instrument/Equipment Surveillance

Virtuoso/Monitor can provide surveillance information on instruments and equipment performance. Flow meter and pressure transducer bias identification, pump and compressor performance monitoring, and production well surveillance are all possible with Monitor.

Monitor Instrument Equipment Surveillance