Virtuoso®/Train includes features coupled with the engineering simulator for realistic, comprehensive operator training. Train can interface directly with offline DCS/SCADA systems or emulate operator interfaces in a stand-alone mode. Train is an effective tool to quickly familiarize new operators with the overall production system, prepare operators for normal and unusual operating scenarios, and document competency levels. Train’s functionalities include instructor/student workstations, user-configuration of training scenarios, automatic recording/documenting of training sessions, and objective scoring of operator performance.


Training Scenarios

Training scenarios can be easily configured to focus operator training on the most meaningful areas of operation. Examples of training scenarios include normal operations like startups, planned shutdowns, and rate changes and abnormal events like separator level trips, pipeline leaks, over/under pressurization, and emergency shutdown events and restarts.

Scenario Monitoring

Instruction Tools

Virtuoso/Train uses an instructor/student platform to train operators and to record user actions. Instructors can trigger events on individual student machines and then review user actions to confirm appropriate operator responses. Train can also be configured to automatically score operator performance. This ensures that objective competency levels can be established for comprehensive training and refresher programs.

Scenario Builder

Control System Validation

Virtuoso/Traincan be used to validate control system programming prior to startup. Moreover, the system can be used to examine stability issues through control interactions and optimise individual control settings.
Control Loop Tuning

Easy to Use

Virtuoso/Train offers a flexible, user-friendly operator training platform to provide comprehensive competency testing and refresher training. New training scenarios are easy to configure so your training program stays fresh and targeted.

Protect Your Training Investment

Coupled with other online elements of the Virtuoso family of software products ensures that your training system will provide you with years of value-adding performance. Because the system elements all use the same modelling engine, changes made to an online system are automatically migrated over into the training environment. Don’t settle for moth-balled training simulators. Let Virtuoso maximize the return on your training investment.

Uder Friendly Interface