MSi Kenny Technology


WGK's Process Solutions group (formerly MSi Kenny) is a pioneer in simulation technology development for oil and gas production environments. Since its inception in 1996, MSi Kenny has invested heavily in applied research enabling the growth of a portfolio of technologies founded on the core development strategy of robustness, speed, and flexibility.

Continuous development, deployment and refinement of these technologies are at the heart of WGK's Process Solutions group’s business model. The diversity of our product offering and the breadth of our installed base are a testament to our success in bringing leading edge, field-proven technology to the upstream industry.


Our Grand Unified Thermodynamic Simulator (GUTS) is used to provide rigorous equation of state thermodynamic modelling as well as detailed wax, hydrate, and asphaltene predictions. Read More >

Virtuoso® Technology

Virtuoso® solutions are supported by simulation components covering pipeline and process simulation, well modelling, and statistical packages for leak detection, restriction detection, and advanced data reconciliation. Read More >

Data Processing

Maestro, our in-house developed software, provides an efficient charting mechanism to batch process offline simulation results. Maestro can be used to view plot collections from multiple simulation runs, or export to Excel or PDF to be included in reports. Maestro can be used with simulation results from Virtuoso models or third-party simulation tools such as OLGA*.

Field Tuning Tools

We focuse on providing life-cycle solutions which include ongoing maintenance and technical support of our software systems. Over the years, our team has built an impressive knowledge base and portfolio of tools for tuning and support of online systems including a significant investment in processing horsepower and a massive SQL database for field data and simulation results covering our global installed base. Read More >

Data Management and Communication

Our team's data management and communications technologies enable robust integration of our field-proven dynamic modelling solutions into real-time data networks. Read More >

**OLGA is marketed/licensed by SPT Group.

Application Management

Our application management technology allows for customized configuration of necessary components to satisfy custom requirements identified for each project installation.