Data Management and Communication

Our robust data management and communications technologies enable vigorous integration of the Process Solutions group’s dynamic simulation packages into real-time data networks. Our technology allows for complex and accurate calculations to be run on a number of machines in a network, while users interact with the system from different locations. It also provides for extensive logging to facilitate troubleshooting and support large, complicated distributed systems.

Our technology creates a secure environment for third party connectivity in order to maximize the value of system information and ease of integration with third-party information systems.

Data management and communication are effortlessly handled primarily via web services, Microsoft’s WCF, and COM/DCOM standards and where needed through more specialized protocols such as MODBUS over serial link or TCP/IP.

Communication Drivers


Our communication drivers enable third party connectivity between client systems and our models. Communication drivers allow for models to receive instrumentation data such as temperature and pressure readings. Some of the communication drivers used, include: Honeywell Experion, Invensys Wonderware, Axeda At A Glance, OPC, and Modbus.

Integrated Trending and Profiling

Data Handlers

Data handlers establish communication with third party systems and check for bad data quality, frozen data, and communication losses. The data handlers send raw data along with data quality information to the Process Data Manager, which later passes the information to the Virtuoso Server.

Server-Based Data Warehousing and Connectivity


Based on a flexible, proprietary, data structure, the Virtuoso Server can store and pass data in various forms such as text, strings, variants, integers and arrays. The Server provides dynamic data storage for information needed by system components. Data is held dynamically in memory and then backed up to data files on a user-defined frequency.


Video Historian

Our integrated Video Historian provides the ability to store and replay dynamic pipeline profile information over time. Similarly, forecasted data like startups and shutdowns can also be reviewd to examine temperature, pressure, composition and flowrate behavior.

Comprehensive User-Configurable Data Filtering

Basic Data Filtering

Communications interfaces are delivered with integrated data filtering to check for bad data quality, frozen data and communications losses. The Process Data Manager also validates value ranges and rate of changes and applies units conversion factors before passing the information to the Virtuoso Server. All data acquisition activies are logged in detail to facilitate easy system troubleshooting.

Advanced Configurable Data Filtering and User Calculation Blocks

Advanced Data Filtering

Our Chameleon technology provides customizable calculation blocks to be easily created through a Microsoft® Office Visio® interface, enabling cost-effective methods to handle changes in the field layouts and instrumentation and implement custom calculation algorithms.