Modelling Technology

WGK's Process Solutions group (formerly MSi Kenny) pioneered the development of simulation technology to bring the complex area of flow assurance to everyday use in operations control centres. We have spent close to 20 years developing and deploying advanced transient multiphase simulators with a proven track record for successful real-time applications. In addition to our extensive technology development program and industry affiliations we have been able to continuously improve our dynamic modeling platform using historical production data from our installed base all over the world.

The company focuses on developing simulation components that can withstand the rigours of 24x7x365 operation while providing accurate results. Input data conditioning is just one step in robust online operation of the simulation engines; the philosophy of robustness is built right into the core of the numerical schemes used in the simulation engines.

Another key focus of the modelling components is run-time speed. Engineering simulators and forecasts, and the customers who use them, benefit greatly from increased run-time speeds. Customers want answers to their operational questions NOW and our field-proven technology gives them just that, typically providing results for 24-hour simulations within a few minutes.

Continuous development, deployment and refinement of these technologies are at the heart of the Process Solutions group’s business model. The diversity of our product offering and the breadth of our installed base are a testament to our success in bringing leading edge, field-proven technology to the upstream industry.

Our current portfolio of technologies includes rigorous equation of state-based thermodynamic modelling, transient three-phase pipeline network simulation, dynamic process modelling, advanced data filtering, and a comprehensive suite of components related to data handling, application management, and custom user interface development.

Multiphase Flow Simulation Module

WGK's Process Solutions group uses a multiphase simulation module that is designed to assist operators in monitoring integrity of multiphase pipelines. The module is designed to achieve extremely fast run-time speeds while maintaining the computational stability needed for real-time, online oil & gas industry operations. The module allows the operators to get a picture of what is going on inside their pipelines, which are typically no instrumented except at the ends.

Dynamic Process Modelling

WGK's Process Solutions group has the only available single-vendor integrated multiphase pipeline and process modelling platform enabling us to model tightly coupled full-field processes. All process components' modelling is provided for including pipeline network, unit operations, and piping volumes.

Well Simulation Model

The Well Simulation Model is used as the basis for our Virtuoso®/VMS system. The well model uses pressure and temperature measurements from all available instrumentation from perforation to manifold to provide accurate and continuous estimates of multiphase flowrates for wells. The Virtuoso/VMS system combines numerous models to obtain multiple estimates of the flow rate, including an uncertainty of each estimate. The system then combines the various estimates to get the best estimate with the lowest overall uncertainty.