Thermodynamics Simulator

The Grand Unified Thermodynamic Simulator (GUTS) was developed as a part of a joint industry project at the University of Tulsa starting in 1997 with companies such as Conoco, Amoco, and Arco. At the heart of GUTS is a detailed phase equilibria package that predicts thermodynamic and transport properties for hydrocarbon fluids, as well as various water samples and hydrate inhibitors.

GUTS uses a statistical mechanical treatment for the hydrate phase, the SRK equation of state for the vapour and liquid phases, and the UNIQUAC activity coefficient model for the water phase.

The Process Solutions group has enriched GUTS' technology by incorporating models such as the wax JIP from The University of Tulsa, and the hydrate prediction model from The Colorado School of Mines.

GUTS' functionality makes it a powerful design tool and has contributed to our success in designing hydrate inhibition strategies for oil and gas projects for close to 20 years.


    • Performs wax calculations such as wax appearance temperature, and wax deposition calculations
    • Hydrate prediction model to determine hydrate formation region as well as quantities of inhibitor needed
    • Rigorous predictions of phase behavior
    • SRK and PR equations of state
    • Multi-stage flash